Self Storage Tips

Label and Organize Boxes

Be sure to make a list of what items are stored in your locker. To make things easier, store frequently used items near the door of your unit and pack more valuable items to the rear behind heavier furniture items.

Personal Boxes

every family member should fill a box with items they will need right away in your new home – sheets, towels, extension cords, light bulbs, toiletry cases.

Live in an Apartment?

Don’t forget to speak to your landlord/building manager prior to your move day to reserve your building’s elevator.

Pack Ahead

If it’s summer then get your winter stuff out of the way, and do you really need those three TVs or radios still set up? Bookshelves can be taken apart and books put into boxes.

Wool Carpets and Clothing

Use cedar chips instead of mothballs after you have cleaned your items for storing. Moths hate a strong cedar scent and they avoid it. Also, your items will smell fresher and mothballs are harder on the environment.

Pack Boxes Full

Use newspaper to fill any voids in the boxes to avoid collapsing or tipping.

Dishes and Glassware

place a layer of packing paper at the bottom and top of all boxes containing glassware. All items should be individually wrapped. Nest one item into another. Fill all spaces with packing paper and place more fragile items at the top of the box.

Shrink Wrap Furniture Items

To avoid scratching during the move. It’s easy and cheap to do, and you’ll be happy when your furniture arrives without marks. Mattresses should be wrapped, also we have any size cover you require.

Insurance Confirmation

Contact your home insurance provider to be certain your valuables will be covered while in storage. Our insurance does not cover your goods stored in our facilities

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