Storage Security and Safety

Storguard Self-Storage facilities are completely safe and secure with motion detectors, 24 hour security guard on site, alarms and cameras.

24-Hour Guard On Site - Unique In The Industry

All of our Self Storage facilities that have our sister company Shine Auto Wash on site have a Security Guard on site 24 hours a day with access to all cameras to watch both the car wash as well as the storage facility.

Face To Face Check-In Vs. Faceless Pinpads

We have been in the storage business for 20 years and we went from keypad locker access back to the sign in sheet where each customer must check in with the storage manager. This face to face customer service lets our managers develop a personal rapport with our customers and allows them to know who is in the building and turn away anyone that should not be there. We only allow tenants access into the building during our open hours.

24-Hour Access = More Issues

When we used 24 hour keypad locker access, less than 5% of our customers actually took advantage of these extra hours. These late hours gave unsupervised access to the entire building which is when thief’s have been known to break into lockers. We decided that the safety of the majority (95%)  of our customers units was more important than the 5% we might lose that needed access to their lockers beyond our open hours.

24-Hour Digital Surveillance

Our state of the art digital video system is constantly monitoring the entire storage facility, including parking lots, loading bays, storage aisles, elevators and the reception area.

Read more on how having a 24-hour guard on site improves security and other related topics in our blog.

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