How to Rent Storage

Renting Storage from our self storage lockers couldn’t be easier. Here’s a handy list of steps you need to take before renting from us.

1. Determine What Locker Size You Need

Take a look at how much stuff you want to put into the locker. Are you just packing up some small things that are taking up too much space in the closet or do you need to pack up an entire room? By making a list of what’s being stored away, you can figure out what size locker you need.

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2. Determine Where You Want to Store Your Stuff

Which Storguard location is best for you? Yaletown, Vancouver on Terminal Avenue, Burnaby, Coquitlam, or Richmond? Think about how often you’re going to be checking on your things and which location is easiest for you to access.

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3. Come Down to Our Self Storage Locations and Check Us Out

We know that after you see our locations and check out the prices, you’ll want to sign up. But we also want you to feel comfortable about your decision, so come down first and get a little tour of the facilities.

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4. Make Your Decision and Trust Your Things With Us

When you’re ready to make your decision and you know that Storguard is the best choice for you, come down and sign the contract. You can stay for as long as you want (minimum 1 month) and just give 14 days notice that you’re leaving.

All we need from you is to bring in a picture ID (like a driver’s license or passport) and your first month’s payment. If you leave your credit card number on file, we’ll charge that every month. Don’t forget to bring a lock, but if you don’t have one, we’ve got some excellent choices for sale at our locations.

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