Vancouver Self Storage FAQ's


How Long Do We Have To Stay?

As long or as short as you want, the only minimum we have is 1 month. After that first month it is just month to month.


Do We Pay on the 1st Every Month?

Nope! We use the anniversary system so the day you move in and set up your contract is the day you are due, Move in on the 12th, your rent is due on the 12th of every month. 


Can I Stay Less Than A Month?

You sure can, but we do not pro rate, you would still pay for the full month.


Where Are Your Self Storage Facilities Located? 

Storguard has 5 facilities, conveniently located in the Yaletown district of downtown Vancouver (Storguard Yaletown), on Terminal Avenue just outside the downtown core (Storguard Vancouver), on Gilley Ave in Burnaby (Storguard Burnaby), just east of IKEA in Coquitlam (Storguard Coquitlam) and now open in Richmond between Costco and River Rock (Storguard Richmond)


Do I Have To Buy Your Lock?

No! You can use any lock you want, we don’t make you buy a specialized lock. 


What If I Need Less Or More Space After I Move In?

We will transfer you to the new unit you need and transfer over your payments already made to the new locker free of charge. You can go up or down in size and your monthly payments will be automatically adjusted to the new rate.


What Do I Need To Rent A Storage Locker? 

We just need some picture ID and payment for your first month.

You can leave us a credit card number and we will automatically charge you every month, you won’t have to think about it. You can come in and pay cash, everyone loves cash! We will take debit too! Come in and pay debit as well.



What Do I Need To Do To Move Out?

All we need is 14 days notice before your due date, you can come in and fill out one of our move out papers or send us an email. We just need some paper work saying you would like to leave. 


I Scheduled To Move Out But I Still Need My Mini Storage Unit, Do I Have To Move Out?

Not at all! We are happy you need to stay longer as we hate to see you go, even if you are scheduled to move out! You can stay as long as you want, but you will of course have to pay for the next month’s rent. 


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