You can now make reservations for our new Richmond facility!

October 20th, 2020 in Storage, Local


We are pleased to announce the newest location for all of your easy-access storage needs: Richmond! Conveniently situated between River Rock Casino and Costco, there are over 900 units in our latest state-of-the-art indoor storage facility. Each unit offers clean, dry and secure public storage for temporary and long-term periods. Ranging in size from our mini storage cube units, up to our large 100-sq-ft units--which will accommodate a 2-3 bedroom apartment or house--we have what you’re looking for.

Plus, we’re offering something new at this facility: office pods! With different sizes available, all units include a desk, power, and access to wifi to get you out of your house and into a private space for doing office work. Enjoy the advantages of being able to work without disruptions, distractions and noise. Richmond Self Storage office pods offer a quiet, stress-free, private environment where you can talk to clients, make crucial decisions and get important business done.

Just like our other locations, Richmond storage units are completely safe and secure, utilizing motion detectors, alarms, cameras and a 24-hr on-site security guard. The entire storage facility is monitored including the parking lot, loading bays, storage aisles, elevators and reception. Storage managers check in, and get to know, each customer, so we know who is on the premises and who should not be.

If you’ve been looking for a convenient location for self-storage in Richmond, we have you covered! We’re now taking reservations. Call or text us at 604-446-3570, or email us at richmond@storguard.ca

Ask about our office pods that include power and WiFi for the office space you need to work away from home. 


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