Why Using a Storage Unit While Doing Home Renovations Makes Sense

August 14th, 2019 in Storage

Using a Storage Unit While Doing Home Renovations

Lets face it, the worst part about renovations is the renovation itself. The foot traffic of contractors through your home, and the constant noise, dust and mess that comes along with it. One of the most common issues faced by those undergoing a home renovation is what to do with all their “stuff” in the meantime. The best solution? A storage unit.

Storage units are not just for long term use. Many self storage options offer month to month rentals, giving you a great option.

A self storage locker during a renovation makes sense, as you probably do not need to consistently access the items being stored, but will have that option should the need arise. Self storage is great for storing your large items, such as appliances and furniture that you will not need during your home renovation. You are also able to store smaller items that you will not need access to during the process, keeping them out of not only your way, but the contractors, making the process simpler and quicker.

If you choose to use a storage unit during your home renovation, make sure that you label any boxes and totes that you store. This will make it easier once the renovation is done to return everything back to its place. It will also help out in the chance that you need to access or find something during the renovation. Store your most likely to be used or needed items front and center.

The end result of renovations is exciting, but the process can be tiring and overwhelming. Using a storage locker and having a storage plan put into place right away can free up your time to focus on the renovation, and the more important stuff. 


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