What's the best type of lock for my storage unit?

June 22nd, 2022 in Tips and How-to's


There are a few things to consider when looking for the best type of lock for your storage unit. For instance, is your unit indoors or outdoors? Weather resistance is a must if your lock will be exposed to the elements--in which case you'll definitely want to look at brass locks. What other features matter? What’s the best material? Does shape matter?

Some materials, shapes and features will offer better protection than others. Let’s take a look.

Stainless steel lends superior strength to a lock. Brass locks will not rust, nor will they shatter under blows from a hammer. A brass lock with a stainless steel shackle (the u-shaped part) offers very good protection for storage lockers, both indoors and outdoors. Brass locks are also very affordable.

Disc locks are a popular choice for storage unit security. These are different from traditional square-shaped locks. Disc locks are round, as the name suggests, and the shackle is partially protected by the body of the lock which comes up both sides. This shape of lock is very difficult to cut because the shackle is only partially showing, which makes it hard to access.

Shrouded-shackle locks (also called closed-shackle) enclose more of the shackle within the lock’s body–like the disc lock. Locks with this feature are harder to cut, thus more secure. Accessibility features are also an option on many locks, with the option to use keys or a combination.

Storguard Self-Storage facilities are completely safe and secure with motion detectors, 24 hour security guard on site, alarms and cameras. You can add another level of security with a strong, good-quality lock. Look for a lock that is drill-proof, cold-proof (some get brittle in the cold), weather-resistant, and comes in the sizes required for your storage unit.

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