What is the Best Way to Store Summer Gear?

November 27th, 2019 in Storage, Seasonal


Welcome Winter and goodbye Summer for another year. As the days get shorter and months get colder, it is time to do away with the camping gear and other outdoor summer gear, and bring out the skis and snowshoes for winter. Using storage units is a great way to store away your summer gear, but just be certain you follow a few tips to make sure you store it the right way.

Storing Summer Sports Equipment

If you have a collection of sports equipment that is only used during the summer months, self storage is a great place to keep it safe and out of the way. This could include things like helmets and soccer cleats, but may also include larger items such as kayaks and water skis.

The most important thing is to make sure that anything that is being stored is being put away clean and dry. There is nothing worse than pulling an item out of storage in the spring to discover mold, mildew or other water damage on it. Use sturdy containers for smaller items, as this helps to keep things together and organized. Also, make sure to label these containers, to make retrieval a breeze.

Storing Summer Camping Gear

When putting your camping gear into storage, making sure items are dry is especially important. When was the last time you had your tent setup? Often, tents are put away with morning dew on them, meaning the water becomes trapped in the material. You do not want your tent to sit like this all Winter. Set your tent up, clean it off inside and out, and let it thoroughly dry before you put it into storage.

Storing Summer Clothing

Storing your summer clothing is a great way to free up more space in your wardrobe for your winter coats and warm pants. Just as with sports equipment and camping gear, clothing should be thoroughly washed and dried before putting into storage. Use plastic bins and organize clothing, so if you need something, it is easy to find. Sealed containers also ensure no bugs or pests can make their way into your clothing. Keep clothing folded in these bins, as clothing that is just thrown in can develop permanent creases over time.

Get your home and space ready for Winter by giving your Summer items a home until they are needed. Self storage units are a great way to achieve this, and the best part? When you retrieve your Summer belongings this Spring, you will have a great space for your Winter items.


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