What goes into storage unit prices in a Vancouver public storage facility?

August 9th, 2018 in Storage, Local

When choosing a self storage facility for your priceless possessions, there are numerous factors to consider. For some people, location is the most important thing, as they don’t want to drive all over the Lower Mainland to get to their stuff. For others, the security is most important. They want to find a place that is as safe as a bank.

Price, however, is a constant for everyone. A quick search of Vancouver public storage locations will show you that although prices can vary, almost every location will offer some sort of sale or discount for new customers. But how do they set these prices and what goes into the costs? Here are a few reasons the price is set where it is.

Just like renting an apartment, the closer you are to downtown, the more expensive the storage facility will be. It’s a simple real estate maxim – downtown, high-use areas are going to be more expensive while suburban locations are cheaper.

One thing to be careful of, when choosing a cheaper self storage facility, is when the price may be too good to believe. Better security costs money and going the cheaper route may leave you wondering if your items are safe. Any public storage with the best in security, such as surveillance cameras, high tech entry systems, and well-trained staff monitoring the facility, will cost slightly more than a place with a camera and some lights.

Storage Facility trolley

The Extras
Does the location have elevators or are you schlepping your stuff up an old, rickety flight of stairs? Do they offer carts and dollies to use, free of charge, and never seem to run out of them? The more extras, those little things that make your time at the storage facility better, can also affect the costs.

At Storguard Self-Storage, we offer all of these things, from better security to all the extras, without it affecting the price. Come and see how we’re an affordable and outstanding option for Vancouver self storage.


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