Vancouver Terminal area: What to do about storage this Holiday season!

November 22nd, 2023 in Seasonal


The holiday season is upon us and stores will soon be flush with shoppers. For Vancouver’s Terminal businesses, that means you’re probably wishing you had more space about now! 

This time of year businesses have different needs. Shoppers, en masse, are preparing to purchase gifts, food and decorations for their family and workplace celebrations, so shop owners need to be ready and organised! They require space for a lot more of their regular stock, plus room for seasonal stock. Don’t forget seasonal decorations for their store, and a place to store off-season merchandise for the short-term. 

Storage units are a quick and easy solution which address all these needs.

Holiday self-storage is the perfect solution

  • Store extra inventory to meet increased holiday demand
  • Store extra seasonal inventory to meet seasonal demand
  • Store off-season stock to make room for seasonal items
  • Make room for seasonal decorations and window displays

Storage units are the perfect solution this holiday season for all of the reasons above, but also because they can be rented for as long as you need them. Additionally, you can downsize whenever you need to as well. So, rent one to meet your needs as they stand right now, and to cover you throughout the holiday season. 

If, after all, you find you really like the convenience, continue renting, month-to-month. Or, downsize to a smaller unit that covers the seasonal supplies you want to use again next year. 

You might find your storage unit works outside of the holiday as well. For instance, for growing your business without needing a larger store. Or to be more responsive to customers' needs: I recently had to phone around to several businesses to see if they had the item I needed. All said the same thing--wait several weeks for delivery from somewhere outside BC. I gave my money to the one store that had it available within a day. That’s the difference a local storage unit can make for you.

Convenient, flexible, affordable storage solutions are right around the corner for shop owners in the Terminal area. Storguard’s state-of-the-art indoor storage facility is located at 750 Terminal Ave., in the heart of Mount Pleasant (opposite Starbucks Coffee) . We offer several different unit sizes, humidity-controlled units and 24-hr, enhanced security.

Whether you live downtown, or just outside of it, our storage space on Terminal is convenient for many Vancouver businesses and residents. Stop by today to see our facility and rent a locker. 604-687-4211


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