The Trend to Smaller Homes and the Need for Self Storage in Vancouver

October 30th, 2018 in Storage, Local


With property and home costs rising exponentially in Vancouver, the trend towards small home living is becoming more and more popular. Especially for young families, who otherwise would not be able to live in the city, living in tiny spaces is quickly becoming the norm.

In some areas of Vancouver, condos as small as 400 square feet are selling – and selling quickly! The reality of small home living is swiftly becoming the typical way a Vancouverite lives. With the less space available in their living quarters, many citizens – especially those used to living in much larger homes – are realizing the need for additional, external storage units.

Storage units have a number of great benefits for users that do not have space in their home. Some of those benefits include:

  • Security
    Self storage units are safe and protected, some with convenient 24/7 security or security cameras to be sure that your unit will be kept secure.
  • Personal Use
    Your unit is personalized to you. Different storage size options are available, and your unit is used only for your things. You don’t have to worry about other people having access to your unit.
  • Efficiency
    You don’t have to wait around to get to your things. Because your unit is yours, you will have access any time of the day to get to your things. Plus, having everything in once place that is yours means you will know where everything is all the time.

With current housing market trends, young families are more likely than ever to have to live in smaller spaces. Luckily, many different individual storage options are available to ensure their stuff stays safe and accessible.


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