The Role of Storage Units in Business Expansion

August 22nd, 2023 in Storage


When it comes to storage units, Vancouver businesses stand to gain, especially when expanding their operations.

Whether it’s opening a new store, a bigger store, investing in new products, or increasing your customer base, growing your business is as exciting as it is risky. You want to have lots of stock on hand to meet the demand, but that requires a lot more organised space. Usually more than you currently have, or can afford.

This is where storage units show their true worth. They act as affordable, convenient, custom warehouses for your stock, packaging, equipment, props, seasonal inventory and more.

All that extra room allows you to plan successfully for expansion. It increases the likelihood of always having what you need on-hand without compromising the space you need to run your business. It takes the stress out of needing to store extra for special events or seasonal holidays. It lets you buy in bulk to take advantage of reduced prices. Plus it lets you test the water with new products without compromising the stock you already have. And when it comes time to expand, your storage unit helps you stay organised while you get up and running.

Any business can benefit from having their own storage lockers, whether you’re selling online, working from home, or have a brick and mortar store. Forgot supply chain issues and needing to wait for your goods to arrive. No need to stress if your equipment breaks down. Simply make a short trip to your locker and pick up what you need. Storage units aslo make a secure place to store your records. No more taking up valuable room in your workspace.

Not sure how much space you need? We’re here to help. Give us a call so we can help you determine what size storage locker would best suit your business needs.

Storguard has several sizes of clean, safe, and secure storage lockers available at 5 convenient locations. Come on by and check us out!


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