The importance of proper preparation for storage

February 24th, 2023 in Tips and How-to's


Moving your possessions into storage units in Vancouver is a simple, convenient way to make your life easier. If you only have a handful of things, simply drop them off, lock them up and be on your way knowing they’ll be well-protected. If you are storing more than that, you’ll want a plan.

Why prepare for storage?

  • Cut down on time
  • Minimize damage
  • Easy to find things
  • Make the most of the space

Storing your possessions with no organization leads to big headaches and huge wastes of time. Then when you need to retrieve something you have no idea where it is and have to dig through your belongings to find it. Not fun!

Haphazard organization can also damage your items as they don’t have proper ventilation or may be crushed or creased beyond repair by heavy items falling on top. Insead, take the time to properly organize the way you fill your storage unit. It will keep items cleaner, safer, and make them easier to find. 

How to prepare for storage

  • Have boxes, bins, covers, etc
  • Tape and markers for labelling
  • Use pallets, shelving, racks, hooks, etc
  • Notebook or way to itemize
  • Organize by season/event, etc..

Storing your possessions in boxes and bins allows you to neatly store numerous items. Then you can stack those boxes in an organized manner. Mark your boxes in easily visible places so you can tell at a glance what’s inside. Use shelving, racks and hooks to maximize the vertical space available in your unit, and consider using pallets to get things off the ground and increase air circulation. Finally, take advantage of apps or ways to organize your things by grouping them. “Seasonal” is an excellent way to group clothing, decorations, & sports equipment, for example.

It might seem like a lot to do up front, but when you take the time to store your items properly, and organize them, you will minimize the time you spend in your storage locker and lessen the risk of damaging them. Additionally, by using the vertical space you will maximize how much use you get from your unit.

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