Student Storage Solutions: Ideal for College Breaks

December 18th, 2023 in Seasonal


Students face unique challenges over the holiday season. Some need to vacate their halls or residences for a period of time before returning in the new year. Others may worry about leaving their items unattended while they go home or go travelling for the holidays. However, there’s no need to let these, or similar scenarios add to student stress levels. The easy, convenient solution is student self-storage.

No one wants to haul their belongings all the way back home if they don’t have to. What a huge hassle. And if they did, no one wants to haul them all the way back again. Instead, rent a storage locker. Affordable and easily accessible, just place your belongings into your car, a friend’s car, or an Uber, and drive a short distance to your locker. Unload and walk away, knowing they’ll be safe and secure for however long you need.

What if you don’t have to move your stuff but you’re uncomfortable leaving valuable sports equipment or musical instruments or other things unattended over the holidays. Simple. Humidity-controlled storage units in Vancouver will keep your valuables safe and dry while you enjoy the festive spirit with friends and family.

While it does cost to rent a storage unit, there are plenty of mitigating factors. One; rent it only for as long as you need. One month, two months, whatever your budget allows. Two; rent a unit only as big as you need. Smaller units are cheaper, so if you don’t need a lot of space, that’s another way to save. Three; peace-of-mind. Winter break is a time to recharge and refresh! Self-storage lets you unburden your thoughts about your stuff so you can really enjoy the people, places and holiday atmosphere wherever you go.

Of course, what works for winter break works for other holidays too, including summer. Tuck your things into self-storage and bid your worries goodbye.

Storguard Self-Storage has 5 convenient locations for Vancouver students to choose from. Come check us out! We have bright, clean facilities, state-of-the-art, 24-hr surveillance and temperature-controlled units to protect all your belongings


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