Streamlining the Christmas unboxing/re-boxing process

December 18th, 2021 in Seasonal

Storing Christmas decorations

The festive spirit is in the air! This time of year tends to get pretty busy with parties, cooking, cleaning, shopping and visiting. There’s so much to do. But if you haven’t put up your Christmas decorations yet, it’s not too late. This month we’re going to look at some ways to streamline the process of unboxing and re-boxing your decorations, so you spend less time untangling lights and more time relaxing and sharing eggnog with family and friends.

  • After you pick up your boxes from storage, go through them one by one in an organized fashion. You might immediately see some decorations you no longer really like. Set those items aside to recycle with friends or a 2nd-hand shop.
  • Keep all your storage boxes together in one place so you’re not hunting all over or unable to find some of them after Christmas is over.
  • Purchase specialized containers for Christmas decorations like artificial trees and fancy baubles. They will help keep your possessions protected and organized all in one place.
  • When storing your lights, avoid frustrating tangles by purchasing a reel--like the one you put your outdoor water hose on, only mini-size. 
  • After Christmas, when it’s time to take everything down, bring out all your boxes. Make an itemized list of everything you’re re-boxing and what box it gets put in. Keep in mind that storing the same kinds of items together will help you find them again the next time you go looking.
  • Clearly label your boxes before you put them in storage. This will make them a cinch to find next season
    We hope these tips for unboxing and re-boxing will make the process quick and smooth, so you can sit back and enjoy the season.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here at Storguard Self Storage. A friendly reminder that we are closed on statutory holidays. Contact us if you have any questions.


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