Storing Your Sports Equipment - Keeping Your Gear Ready for Action

March 29th, 2024 in Tips and How-to's


Participating in sports is awesome and most require some sort of equipment. Some, in fact, require a lot of equipment, and/or it takes up a lot of space. Many sports are seasonal as well. Which means for parts of the year, at least, you won’t be needing or using your equipment. So you'll need a place to store it.

Piling up your equipment into a closet or a room in your home isn’t a great solution. It takes up a lot of room and makes your living space feel cramped. Plus it renders an entire space unusable for any other purpose for long periods of time.  Keeping it in your garage or attic or basement is also not a good idea as humidity and temperature fluctuations cause a lot of damage to sports gear.

A better solution is to use storage units.

Use storage units for your sports equipment

  • Humidity-controlled
  • Lots of storage room permits air circulation
  • Organised and easy-to-access
  • Frees up your living spaces

Humidity-controlled units are super important for controlling temperature fluctuations and limiting moisture damage. Otherwise mould growth causes damage and deterioration and can ruin some pieces. Don’t pack things too tightly to allow air to circulate. Organise storage by sport so you can easily find everything you need when it’s time to get ready.

Prepare sports equipment for storage

  • Clean, disinfect/sanitise each piece of equipment
  • Ensure everything being stored is dry
  • Wash and dry all uniforms, clothing and fabric
  • Deflate balls some (basketballs, soccer balls, etc)
  • Remove batteries from any electronics used with your sport
  • Avoid piling up shoes to preserve their shape

Anyone who plays sports knows how important it is to keep your equipment and clothing/uniforms clean. This helps to mitigate bacteria, bad odours and discolouration. Cleaning, disinfecting or sanitising before storing ensures you find them in the same condition you left them. Deflate balls at least a little to help save storage space and release tension to help them last longer. Store shoes in pairs in boxes or use racks or shelves.

Use plenty of shelving, racks, hooks and other mounting systems to store your gear up off the ground and in the best position for each item. Mesh bags can help provide plenty of air circulation for balls and helmets, for instance. Otherwise, use bins to keep things organised and make finding things a breeze. Make liberal use of labels so you can quickly identify what you need and reduce search time. And finally, if storing for a long period of time, check every few months just to make sure it’s all fine.

We hope you find this information helpful. If you have any questions give us a call. We’re happy to help.

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