Storing Electronics in a Storage Unit - Dos and Don'ts

October 24th, 2023 in Tips and How-to's


Vancouver storage units offer an affordable and convenient way to store your electronics. However there are some dos and don’ts to be aware of before you pack up those printers, phones, cameras, computers, old consoles and whatnot. Read on for important information.

Electronics storage in Vancouver

  • Use temperature-controlled units
  • Remove all cords and cables
  • Organise and label everything
  • Remove and store batteries separately
  • Make back-ups

Temperature-controlled units

Electronic items have many enemies: humidity/moisture, excessive heat or cold, and unstable temperatures. Therefore, it’s imperative to secure a temperature-controlled (a.k.a humidity-controlled) storage locker for your items. Stored safely in a warm and stable environment will protect your items from humidity and temperature-based damage.

Remove cords and cables

Remove cords and cables to protect them and connection ports from damage. Also, take a picture of those connections before you pull the plugs. When it comes time to assemble them again, you’ll be glad you have a reference.

Organise and label

Store your electronics in their original packaging if at all possible. If you no longer have it, choose sturdy boxes or bins and include all the parts and pieces for the unit/s inside. Label everything, including all cords and cables right down to the smallest pieces. It can be so easy to forget what goes where when you haven’t seen it for some time.

Remove batteries

Remove batteries and set them separately from your electronics. Batteries corrode over time and can do some real damage to your items.

Make back-ups

If you’re storing items with memory cards and data you don’t want to lose, make back-ups just in case. In the unlikely event something does happen, recovery will be simple.

We hope this information is helpful. One final tip is to choose a dependable storage locker facility. Your best bet for reliable, secure storage in Vancouver is a facility that has 24-hour digital surveillance, motion detectors and on-site security guards.

Storguard has 5 convenient locations with humidity-controlled units and state-of-the-art security systems including on-site, real-time surveillance. Call us to secure a unit for you!


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