Shine Auto Wash Now open in Coquitlam

January 30th, 2018 in Storage, Local

One of the biggest commercial hubs in Coquitlam is the southeastern corridor that runs along Lougheed Highway. Some of the biggest stores can be found in that area, from Ikea to Staples, Superstore to Winners, and many people visit there every day to get their daily shopping done.

Now it’s become the perfect place to have your car cleaned.

Storguard is proud to announce that their new car wash, Shine Auto Wash, is open in Coquitlam. Located right beside the site of their new self-storage Storguard facility, due to open later this year, this new car wash will provide the people of the tri-city area a new place to get their cars cleaned to a shine.

Shine Auto WashShine Auto Wash uses precisely calibrated water pressure to blast your car’s surface with enough power to remove the dirt and grime, but still gentle enough to protect your car’s exterior. The environmentally-friendly shampoos work together with the Neoglide cleaning material to remove all residue from your car without scratching anything. This car wash only needs four minutes to clean your car perfectly.

This system is the best way to protect your car’s surface. Touch-less car washes use harsh detergents and acids to remove the dirt. But those can damage the car’s finish and leave an etching effect on the glass. Hand washing is just as bad, scratching off the car’s finish and removing the lustre of the car.

Friction is needed to properly clean a car, but it has to be friction that doesn’t scratch the surface of the car. The combination of our shampoos and cleaning materials provide the friction needed to remove dirt but is so gentle, your car will look just like brand new.

Come and give our newest location, at 1101 Woolridge Street in Coquitlam, a try and you’ll never let anyone else wash your car again – including yourself.


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