Pulling Your Holiday Decorations Out Of Storage? Tips for Keeping Your Storage Unit Organized

December 2nd, 2015 in Tips and How-to's, Seasonal

Storage units are an excellent place to keep holiday decorations during the off-season, but if you have not set up your storage unit well, you might find yourself surrounded by an avalanche of items when you head to the unit to pull your decorations out of storage. Here are a few tips for keeping your storage unit organized, now and in the future when you are headed back with your holiday decorations.


Go into your storage unit with a plan. You should know what it is that you are looking for, and where it is located in your unit. Hopefully, you have properly inventoried your unit and made a layout map prior to now, but if not, this is something you should develop before the next time you have to take something out.


Try to keep like items together. This means that when you go to get your holiday decorations, they will all be in one place, minimizing the number of boxes and bins you need to shuffle to get at what you want.


If, in the course of picking out your holiday decorations, you find items you no longer need, get rid of them as soon as possible instead of putting them back in your storage unit. By selling, donating, or discarding unwanted holiday decorations you are saving more room for the things you actually want to keep, and making it easier to navigate through your storage unit next year.


When you pack up your décor for return to the storage unit, be sure it is all carefully labelled. At Storguard Self-Storage, we carry all the necessary packing and storage supplies you may need for efficient storage; including boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap and tape guns. Remember to put items back where you found them last year, and keep all decorations together so you can find them again during the next festive season.


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