Preparing your Treasures for Long Term Storage

January 14th, 2018 in Storage, Tips and How-to's

When packing your valuables for storage, there are many tips and suggestions that will make your life easier and save your treasures. Here are a few storage tips when preparing to store your things for a long time:

1.    Protect everything
Protect your items the best way you can. Wrap everything in bubble wrap or newsprint, fill the boxes they’re in with packing peanuts, and only use new, high-quality cardboard boxes.

2.    No plastic bags
We all have lots of plastic bags to use, but they can be the worst thing to place your valuables into, especially clothing. The plastic traps moisture inside, which can lead to mold.

3.    Clean everything
Wash all your clothing, scrub the appliances, vacuum the furniture, and generally make sure that everything going into storage is as clean as possible. After cleaning, ensure that it’s had enough time to air dry as well.

4.    Disassemble
If you can, take apart any furniture you can to make it easier to store away.

5.    Hang clothing, don’t fold it
Folding clothing can cause rips and tears and when clothing is pressed tightly together, it increases the chance of mold developing. Get a few wardrobe boxes to allow you to hang your clothing.

6.    Spray wood with polish or oil
Wood that’s stored for a long period of time can dry out. By applying a coat of polish or oil to the wood, you can prevent it from drying out.

7.    Label the boxes
If it’s fragile, make sure that’s written on the box. If it’s heavy, do the same. A simple label can prevent accidents when you’re piling boxes into a storage locker.

A big storage locker

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