Packing for Long Term Storage

September 14th, 2017 in Storage, Tips and How-to's

Packing your items for storage is a very important process before moving all of your valuable things into Storguard. You need to take a little more care with your boxes and packing if you’re planning on putting your items away for a long time. Here are a few suggestions to help protect your things:

1.    Keep things dry
One thing we pride ourselves on at Storguard is the fact that all of our facilities keep the storage rooms clean and dry. There’s no chance moisture is going to damage any of your items. When you’re packing, make sure you’re picking containers that protect your things too and make sure everything is clean and dry.

2.    The right packing supplies
The right boxes and containers can protect your items perfectly. A good wardrobe box is designed to make sure your clothing is protected and safe. Mirror boxes are excellent ways to protect your valuable mirrors. You want boxes that are strong enough to handle the weight you’re piling on top as well.

Packing boxes

3.    Cover and protect
Larger items that may not fit into boxes should still be wrapped up and protected. For example, mattress covers are excellent ways to make sure your mattress doesn’t become moldy and damaged over the long storage. Wrapping things in sheets or blankets can also help.

4.    Break down what you can
If the legs come off the chairs, take them off. If you can flatten something, do it. The smaller you can make your things, the easier it will be to store them.

5.    Tight packing
The tighter you can pack your boxes, the better. Fill each container as tightly as possible to efficiently use as much of the available space as you can and to protect it as well. If there’s no space for the things to move, they’re not going to rattle around and break.

If you’re seeking a long term storage solution and want to take a look at our storage units and storage supplies, come to one of our amazing facilities in the Lower Mainland.


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