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March 18th, 2021 in Local


Last year we announced our new location for self storage in the vibrant city of Richmond! This state-of-the-art storage facility has all the great features you’ve come to expect, including convenience, a large variety of units, around-the-clock security and top-notch customer service. Plus, we’re excited to bring you a new feature that is perfect for everyone needing a quiet space from which to work: office pods!

The coronavirus pandemic shifted a lot of people from their office buildings into their homes. But home is not the ideal place to get any work done when other family members and children are sharing the same space. Office pods offer a quick and convenient way to work in a clean, quiet and private space. We have a variety of different sizes to accommodate all your business needs. Each unit includes a desk, power and access to Wi-Fi; everything you need to get the job done.

Now, let’s take that convenience to the next level. With our office pods being situated in our Richmond self storage facility, you can also have all your files, documents and stock immediately on-hand in their own units. That’s super easy access to everything you need to do business in your own, private 'Richmond office'.

We have over 900 storage units to choose from, in a wide variety of sizes. Units are available on a monthly basis for long- or short-term periods. And our entire facility is under 24-hour security and offers fast, friendly check-in service for your peace of mind.

We invite you to try out our new office pods. Reservations are now available for all units. We’re always here to answer any questions you have at 604-446-3570, or email richmond@storguard.ca.

Reserve your office pod today!


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