New Storguard location makes Self Storage easy and convenient in Coquitlam BC

August 9th, 2018 in Storage, Local

When choosing a place for self storage, there are always a number of considerations to ponder before making any decision. Security is always important – you want to rest assured, knowing that your belongings are well protected. Cleanliness is also important – the dirtier a storage facility is, the more likely there will be insects and animals present.

Convenience is a key decision-making factor. Most people don’t want to drive across the city to get to their things and if a location is close to a main thoroughfare, that’s always a great plus.

Luckily for people living in the Tri-Cities and in New Westminster, the newest Storguard location has just opened in Coquitlam, BC. It’s easy to get to, convenient for everyone living in the area, and both safe and clean.

StorGuard Coquitlam

With over 40 HD cameras on site, security couldn’t be better. There is no way that anyone can sneak onto the premises and not get spotted by the cameras and the staff. Since this is a brand-new, well-designed building, everything is spotless and clean.

For people looking for self storage in Coquitlam and the surrounding areas, there is no location that’s easier to get to. It’s between two of the busiest highways in the Lower Mainland – Highway 1 and Lougheed Highway – which makes it easily accessible from anywhere.  We have the best of both worlds with access to main highways while we're located on Woolridge St., which is a quiet business road.

Storguard is a locally-owned and operated business, so we know what people in Coquitlam want in public storage. We built this location from the ground up to ensure that we could give our customers exactly what they want and need in a self-storage location.

Come down and talk to us today. We’ve got lockers ranging from luggage storage to storage for an entire house. We’d be happy to show you our beautiful, new facility.


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