Moving Your Stuff To Storage - 10 Tips for Efficient Storage

December 29th, 2015 in Tips and How-to's

Storage units can be a great option for keeping items that you may not use all of the time. Whether it's storage of seasonal items, document storage, or a safe place to keep things you want to hold on to but are not using at the moment, consider these efficiency storage tips for moving your stuff into storage:

  1. Label your boxes clearly with what's inside, both on the top and the side.
  2. Map out where items will be located in your storage unit so that you can get to less-used or heavier items if you need to with little hassle or headache.
  3. Keep items you will use frequently closest to the entrance / exit.
  4. Stack large and heave objects at the back, and use these items as a base for stacking additional storage items on top.
  5. Use all available space by stacking boxes to the ceiling of the storage unit. Our units are 9 feet high, so you can calculate how many boxes you can stack one on top of the other.
  6. Use our storage unit size estimator to make sure your stuff fits perfectly in its storage unit.
  7. Plan ahead, and prepare appliances and fragile items for storage. Defrost the freeze, empty out gas from the mover, and know which items will need to go in first and last.
  8. Know what you cannot store in the unit. Anything perishable, combustible or harmful (including gasoline, paint thinners, perishable food, paint, or living things) should not be stored.
  9. Store long, flat items, such as mattresses and disassembled furniture, along walls to maximize the use of space within the storage unit.
  10. Confirm that your home insurance covers items in storage by giving them a call. You may need to make an adjustment to your policy if you want to have items in your storage unit covered, although many insurance policies cover storage units.


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