Moving during a heat wave? Use a storage unit!

July 19th, 2021 in Storage


Heat waves are a traditional part of summer where we do the best we can to beat the heat: Lounging by the swimming pool with a cold drink, or cranking up the AC to chill indoors. But what if you can’t because it’s moving day and everything is packed into boxes and you need to be out by the end of the day?

Sure you could suffer through, stuffing boxes into cars or a van in sweltering 40C heat, sweating buckets and trying to stay hydrated. By noon you’re already cranky and have a headache but you’ve still got another 8 hours to go and there’s no time to set anything cool up at the new place. Yikes! This is absolutely one of those times where you can say “Let’s do this the reasonable way and rent a storage unit!”

Storage units are convenient. Take only what you need for the first few days to your new place and drop all your non-essential items off into a storage locker. It’s quick and easy. Then you can enjoy the rest of the day moving in and setting up at your leisure, or, go to the lake! 

Moving is stressful enough without adding a heatwave on top of it. The hotter it is the more important it becomes to be aware of overheating. This can quickly lead to heat exhaustion, then to heat stroke, which becomes a life-threatening condition. Storage units give you options during a heat wave, so you can weather moving day more comfortably and more safely.


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