Modern Storage Units in Heritage Yaletown - Only in Vancouver!

September 14th, 2017 in Storage

Located in one of the most beautiful sections of Vancouver, Storguard is proud to offer modern storage units within a heritage warehouse. Residents of Yaletown can simply stroll over to our storage facility, enjoying beautiful Cambie Street, and pick up or drop off those items they can’t store at home.

Anyone living in Yaletown knows that one of the biggest problems is apartment size. Yes, the convenience of living in the neighbourhood is immeasurable. You’re close to everything and you can walk to games, the beach, and some of the best restaurants in the world. But the sacrifice you make is that your home probably doesn’t have enough room to store all of your things.

Yaletown at NightThat’s why Storguard Yaletown is perfect for you. It’s right in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, between Robson and Smithe, and it’s got storage lockers of all sizes, no matter what you want to keep safe. There are small and big lockers that are perfect for your needs.

We’ve got all the extras as well. We have two freight elevators to make moving your stuff easier, and 9 foot high ceilings so you can pack a huge wardrobe or a pair of skis, if necessary. Each locker is separate – there’s no mesh walls or fencing. Your storage area is its own room, its own space, with a private door that only you can access.

We’re very proud of how this storage facility looks. The building is beautiful, its architecture and design fitting in with the look of Yaletown. We believe that it’s the only kind of storage in Vancouver that looks like just another building. We respect the neighbourhood we’re in and wanted our property to be a beautiful addition to Yaletown.

So come check us out if you’re sick and tired of climbing over boxes in your one bedroom apartment. We guarantee we’ve got a storage space that’s perfect for you.


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