Making Room in that Small Apartment for the Christmas Tree and Decor

November 28th, 2018 in Storage, Seasonal


In Vancouver, many people are facing the challenge of how to decorate for the coming holiday season in their small apartments and living spaces. Traditional decorations are often not plausible in small Vancouver homes, so we have accumulated some great ideas for bringing the festive spirit in, despite the smaller space.

Utilize Lights

Twinkly strings of lights don’t take a lot of space, but can make a space feel very festive. Use them around main living spaces to make the area feel bright and cheery – and don’t forget about outside. Even an apartment patio can look wonderfully Christmassy with outdoor lights.

Use an Alternate Tree

With the rising demand for small space decorations, many types of smaller alternate Christmas trees are readily available – and most are quite classy looking. Plastic and metal options exist, some with built in lights and some without – these are usually able to be mounted to the wall to save space. If you want to go with a really unique space saving option, consider hanging lights in the shape of a tree on the wall, or use a windowsill covered in garland to serve as your holiday “tree”.

Use Seasonal Décor

Consider switching out items you already have on display – such as wall art or throw cushions. Changing these to holiday themed decorations can give your space some holiday flair without requiring additional space.

Space saving Christmas decorating takes a little creativity, but with a little time and effort you can come up with a festive and fun look for your Vancouver apartment.


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