Keeping Your Belongings Safe - What Not to Store in Your Locker

January 31st, 2019 in Storage, Tips and How-to's


Locker units are an excellent storage solution. As the population increases and towns and cities become more densified, the space and area that we have for storage has constantly shrunk. Garages which once housed vehicles are now crammed full of belongings. This has led to more and more people using the vital service of self storage units. With this in mind, there are several belongings which should not be stored in your locker.


There is no reason to store food products in a self storage locker. Not only do perishable food products quickly rot and decompose, but they can attract pests that could damage other belongings. Lockers are also fairly air tight, so unpleasant odours could also result.

Dangerous or Toxic Materials

Substances that are dangerous, whether this be toxic, flammable, or explosive, should never be stored in a storage locker. These items are prohibited, as they not only put your belongings in danger, but also other people.

Irreplaceable Mementos

If you have items that are irreplaceable, whether they have been passed on from family, or carry great sentimental or monetary value, you do not want to store these items in your locker. Although self storage facilities take care to provide first class security features, there is always a small risk of these items being lost or stolen, and are best kept in a safe place at home, or in a safe deposit box.

Well self storage locker units are an excellent storage option, you do need to be aware of what you are storing in them. Not only dos following these safe storage guidelines keep your possessions safe, but they also can keep other people safe as well. Make sure you talk to Storguard for more information on what to store, and what not to store.


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