How to safely store valuable items in your Vancouver storage unit

June 24th, 2023 in Tips and How-to's


A top concern when using Vancouver storage lockers is how to store valuable possessions safely. There are two ways to address this. One deals with the way you pack your things, the second concerns which storage facility you pick.

Packing your possessions

  • Choose humidity-controlled storage
  • Clean all items before storing
  • Tuck acid-free paper between photographs & prints
  • Wrap clothing/fabric in non-air-tight clean cotton or muslin cloth
  • Store papers and documents in plastic bins
  • Cover items in dust cloths
  • Use racks or pallets to get items up off the floor
  • Use a high-quality lock

When temperatures go to extremes or fluctuate, condensation is created. That’s the worst thing to subject your most important possessions to because moisture is really damaging. Metal rusts, wood warps, clothing and paper moulds, etc. Protect your valuables by choosing humidity-controlled storage. A good Vancouver storage unit facility will have that option.

If you’re concerned about certain items or materials, give us a call and we will gladly tell you the best way to store them. We’ve included some common valuable items above and how to protect them. We also talked about what type of lock to look for here. It’s worth a read for more information on steel and brass locks, as well as disc locks and shrouded-shackle (or closed-shackle) locks.

Secure facilities

  • AlarmsMotion detectors
  • 24-hour security
  • Security guard on-site
  • Cameras monitoring entire facility
  • Face-to-face check-in

Ensure the facility you choose is capable of providing  a multitude of security services for your possessions. There should be alarms, cameras and motion detectors at the very least. At Storguard we go further, using face-to-face check-in so we know who is on the premises. Additionally, we have security guards on-site 24-hour a day, which you won’t find at many other places.

We hope, with these tips, you will store your important possessions with confidence!

Questions or concerns? Give us a call! We’re here to help and look forward to hearing from you at one of our 5 Vancouver locations.


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