How to Determine the Ideal Size for Your Storage Unit

August 14th, 2019 | in Storage

Choosing the ideal size for your storage unit

Choosing the ideal size for your storage units is important. You want to ensure that you will have enough space to meet your self storage means, but do not want to be wasting money on a larger space that you are not utilizing. With this in mind, here are some tips on how you can determine the ideal size for your storage unit.

Know What You Are Storing

First and foremost, what are you storing? You probably have an idea of what you are planning to be putting in storage. While taking count doesn’t need to be an exact number of boxes, are you storing a handful of totes to get them out of the closet, storing furnishings from one room? Two rooms? An entire house? A vehicle? Think about what you are planning to store.

Consider the Shape

An important consideration is the shape of what you plan on storing. If most of your items are going to be boxed, and these are sturdy boxes that can be stacked, then you are able to take full advantage of the height of the unit and fit a lot more in a smaller space. Likewise if the items are odd shapes and not stackable, you will need a larger square footage.

How Accessible?

You also should consider how accessible things should be. If you plan to fill the unit up from the floor to the ceiling and cram it full, be sure that you will not need to access anything. If you are storing items that you may need regular access to, then you need to consider a larger space, to give you room to navigate and organize.

Think about these three tips when considering your storage unit size needs. Also, you may benefit from going to Storguard and taking a look at the difference sizes of units. It can be hard visualize how much space something is based on the printed dimensions, and often seeing it will give you a better idea the ideal size for your storage needs