How to choose a storage unit that fits your timeline and budget

April 24th, 2023 in Tips and How-to's


Storage units are one of the most convenient and affordable ways to make your life easier! 

If you’ve not rented one before, here are a few tips for choosing a storage unit that fits your timeline and budget.

First, is figuring out how long you’ll need to rent a storage locker. Rentals periods are on a month-month basis, so that’s a starting point. Short term rentals will cover those who just need a place to store their possessions temporarily as they transition from one household to another. Having a safe, dry place to store items while getting settled gives peace-of-mind and decreases the stress associated with such a change.

If you’re a student needing a temporary home for your things while you return home for the summer, then a couple of months might be all you need. This timeframe may also apply to those who are taking in the items of another family member, for example, an ageing parent, as they transition into a care home. One may need time to decide how to handle the additional items and sentimental possessions.

Longer terms of several months will cover those going on extended holidays, sabbaticals, or wintering elsewhere, for example.

Then there are those who prefer to rent on an ongoing basis. This arrangement helps people running small businesses who need storage space for stock and paperwork. Parents with mountains of kids’ sports equipment, toys, clothes and seasonal items that they need to get out of the house when they’re not being used will also find a storage unit provides an immediate relief. People who don’t have room at home for seasonal vehicles such as campers, ATVs, snowmobiles and jet skis, will also appreciate having a 24/7 guarded location outside of their properties where they can park their vehicles year-round but still have access when the time and weather is just right.

As far as budget is concerned, there are several sizes of storage lockers to choose from. Make a list of the items you want to store to help you determine what size best suits your needs. Smaller units are cheaper so to avoid needing a larger unit be sure to utilize all the space available to you. Pack in stackable boxes,  and use racks, hooks and shelving units. These are excellent ways to use up the vertical space in your locker.

Now matter what your needs are, we have something to accommodate everyone. Rent a storage unit for one month or as many as you need! And feel free to upsize or downsize your unit, or rent additional units, to suit your own budget.

Storguard has several convenient storage locker sizes and locations available. We’re happy to help you determine the size you need. Give us a call!


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