How to Choose a Facility for Month to Month Storage in Vancouver

September 14th, 2017 in Storage, Local

Choosing a storage facility can be tough in Vancouver. There are dozens of public storage facilities all over the Lower Mainland, all offering different things and different rates. Some places are bigger, some are cheaper, and some are more or less secure. So how can you decide where to go?

First, start by deciding what you want to put into storage. Make a complete list of everything and, if you can, measure out the sizes so you have an approximate idea of how big of a storage unit you’re going to need.

Second, decide what you need from your unit. Are you storing things that are temperature-sensitive? Are you storing things that you want access to whenever you want? How valuable are your items? When you know what you need, then you’ll know what kind of unit you have to rent. For example, if things are valuable, then you want a place with a great security system.

Storage LockersThird, consider your restrictions. Can you drive to get to this facility? Are you willing to drive further to save a few dollars? What is your budget? All these things will make the choice somewhat simpler. For example, if you live in Yaletown and don’t have a car, choosing the Storguard location nearby would make things so much easier for you.

Fourth, do your homework. Check all the different storage companies available and see what they offer. When are they open and what kinds of online reviews have they got? And while doing your homework, go and visit them. See the kind of unit you’d be renting and find out about discounts or specials.

Finally, when you’ve made your decision on the month to month storage, you’ll feel better about your choice because you’ll have done your research and considered everything.

Here at Storguard, we’ve got 4 locations in the Lower Mainland for you to check out when you’re doing your research. We know you’ll like what you see from us.


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