How safe are your possessions in the storage unit?

January 14th, 2018 in Storage

When choosing a self-storage facility, safety and security are some of the most important things to consider. You want to have the peace of mind in knowing that your items, no matter what they are, are locked away and no one has access to them. Here are a few ways to ensure your possessions are safe.

Before you sign any contracts or move anything in, you should walk through all of the storage facilities you’re thinking about and see just what kind of security they have. Any good facility should be well-lit and clean, with no places that someone could sneak into in the middle of the night. It should be gated with an access code that only the renters know. There sA locked storage unithould be 24-hour surveillance, digital being the best, with an alarm/fire system that protects the property.

Investing in a good lock is always the best way to protect your unit. This is not something you want to pick out at the dollar store, or reuse the lock your kid brought to school. Investing in a good padlock or disk lock, one made of quality materials like brass or steel, will make it harder for any potential thieves to get into your unit. Also, the larger the lock, the thicker the steel, and the harder it is to cut through it.

Finally, interior safety is also very important. You can have the most secure space and the best lock, but if your items are stacked haphazardly and the boxes look ready to fall over, you may find that when you open the unit, they’ve fallen and some items have broken. If you’re worried about thieves, place the most expensive things near the back and the cheapest stuff near the front.

Storguard has everything you need to keep your possessions safe, from top notch security to high quality padlocks and packing items for sale. Come and talk to us today about storing your valuable possessions.


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