How often should I clean a storage unit?

July 19th, 2022 in Tips and How-to's


You have confidence in storing your belongings with us. We keep them safe and secure and we keep our buildings clean.

However, that doesn’t mean your individual storage unit will stay pristine. Inevitably, just like our houses, your unit will get dusty over time. Therefore, it’s good practice to come in and clean it from time to time. How often? Well, at least one or twice a year. And while you’re doing that, you can take stock of everything you have stored.

The more often you come in to clean, the less dusty things will be and the quicker you can finish the job. If you’ve packed your items into containers, giving the containers a wipe will be pretty easy. If you have items like furniture or mattresses stored uncovered, you’ll have to work a little harder. We recommend covering furniture and larger items with cloth or plastic tarps to help keep them clean. 

While you’re cleaning you can check for signs of rodents or moth damage. You can also check for signs of excess moisture (mould) if you’re not in a humidity-controlled storage unit. If you find anything remove those items and secure them further. It’s important  to have items cleaned before storing. This cuts down on the amount of dust that might accumulate, and will make them less attractive to pests.

Cleaning your unit presents a good opportunity to take stock of your items and decide if you still want to keep them. Or you might try rearranging things if you have some items you’d like to add to your storage unit. If you find you need a larger unit, that can easily be arranged. 

So, once or twice a year should be enough to keep on top of your storage unit cleaning and ensure all your treasured belongings are in good order.

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