How Often Do I Need to Clean my Storage Unit?

March 22nd, 2020 in Storage

How Often to Clean a Storage Unit

When it comes to spring cleaning, storage units are often forgotten about and neglected. Part of the appeal of storage units is being able to put items that you will eventually need, out of sight and out of mind, but that does not mean you should completely forget about it.

In order to keep your items in storage safe and accessible, you should consider cleaning out your storage unit at least once per year. This not only allows you to make sure everything is alright, but also gives you a chance to organize your belongings, and make sure you know exactly what you have and where to find it.

How To Clean My Storage Unit

So now that you have made the decision to clean out your storage unit, how should you go about tackling this project? Start by removing as much stuff as you can, as this gives you space to work in the unit. Begin by sweeping the floors and removing any dirt and debris. You could also use a shop vacuum during this step. Make sure you get right against the walls and into the corners.

Once the inside of your unit is clean, it is time to put your belongings back. During this step, this is a great opportunity to dust off and wipe down any belongings you have. Ideally most of your items should be in plastic containers, such as Rubbermaid bins, making this an easy process. Take advantage of this time to make sure any boxes that are not labeled get labeled.

As you return items to the unit, you should also make sure to start with the items you will least likely need and have those go at the back and bottom of the unit. Items that you will need soon, such as summer sporting equipment should be accessible closest to the front. This can save you time on your next visit to retrieve these. Also make sure those new labels you added are put facing out and visible.

Cleaning your storage unit annually helps to keep dust down, and pesky insects away. It’s also a great chance to asses, organize, and perhaps downsize your possessions.


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