How do I store Persian rugs safely?

August 27th, 2018 in Storage, Tips and How-to's

“The rug really tied the room together.”

Jeff Lebowski knew it and anyone who’s had the pleasure of owning a Persian rug knows it as well. Placing a beautiful Persian rug in your home makes everything look better and it can really make your home look complete and interconnected.

But sometimes life’s circumstances mean that you need to find a place to store your Persian rug away for a while. Maybe you’re downsizing or maybe you’re travelling. Whatever the reason, knowing the proper way to store a Persian rug is critical to its longevity. Improper self storage of the rug can possibly lead to a damaged or destroyed rug.

First, get the rug professionally cleaned. Clean rugs are less likely to be a target for moths. After the rug has been cleaned, leave it out so it can be completely dry. Any moisture left in the rug could potentially lead to mildew or mould once it’s been wrapped and put away in storage.

Rolling a Persian RugOnce the rug is completely dry, roll it into a tube and wrap it in paper. It’s a good idea to contact your local rug store (or the store you bought the rug from) and see if you can get some paper from them. Make sure you’re not using any paper with pictures or printing on it, as they may transfer onto the rug. Never use plastic, as that can lead to mildew.

If you have them, sprinkle some moth balls or moth crystals on the rug before wrapping it. This is a time-tested method of preventing moth damage while the rug is in storage. Then completely seal the ends of the paper with plenty of tape and make sure all the seams in the paper are covered.

Finally, find a storage facility that maintains a stable temperature and humidity. All of Storguard’s self storage sites are perfect for Persian rug storage as we keep all our rooms clean and temperature-controlled.


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