How can I prevent a moth infestation in my stored wools?

April 19th, 2021 in Storage, Tips and How-to's


One of the more anticipated aspects of transitioning to cooler seasons is retrieving all of your favourite items that have been in long-term storage. Especially your treasured wool sweaters, coats and blankets! It’s not hard to imagine, then, the disappointment in reacquainting with your cozy and comfortable woolens only to find them full of tiny holes.

Now that spring is here, the time has come to pack our warm weather items into storage, including those favoured wool sweaters. To prevent any disappointment when you go to retrieve them this winter, we’d like to give you these storage tips to ensure you don’t come back to the aftermath of a moth buffet.

Wash your woollens
It’s actually the moth larvae that make the little holes. They feed on the protein in wool, silk and other animal fibres, as well as our own hair, skin flakes and body oils. So you want to make sure to thoroughly clean any items going into storage. Brush coats (make sure to get into seams and folds) to get rid of any debris that moth larvae will be attracted to. If you opt for dry cleaning, let them know it’s going into storage in case they have a special treatment they can apply.

Store in plastic 
After fully cleaning and drying, wrap clothes in cotton sheets or large cotton laundry bags to protect them in case of moisture from condensation. Store items in plastic bags or storage bins. Hang wool pants by the hem, and wool coats, in cotton storage bags. Don’t store for more than a few seasons in plastic, as these items do need to ‘breathe’.


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