Five Post-Christmas Clean-Up Tips

January 29th, 2020 in Tips and How-to's, Seasonal

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Now that Christmas is over, all that work, time, sweat and effort you put into creating a beautiful Christmas display is about to be undone. Clean-up is not high on many people’s lists of preferred activities, and can often seem overwhelming. Make your post-Christmas cleanup easier this year by following these 5 clean-up tips.

  1. Separate Breakables - first and foremost, start by removing anything that is breakable. This includes decorations off the tree and other ornaments. Make sure these get carefully wrapped, or put back into the boxes and styrofoam if you still have them.
  2. Use Plastic Bins - If you do not have them already, consider investing in some high-quality, stackable plastic bins. Avoid using cardboard boxes, as these are flimsy and can lead to damage. Plastic bins are also uniform and easier for storage.
  3. Put things away by categories - Now that you have some plastic bins, make sure you label them. My suggestion is to organize things by categories such as: tree, hearth, lights etc.
  4. Surround Breakable items by soft items - If you have any breakable items that are not secure in their original packaging, it’s a good idea to put these at the center of your bins, and surround them by softer items, such as stockings, garland or cotton.
  5. Make use of a storage facility - Finally, you will not be needing your Christmas stuff for another 11 months, so consider making use of a self-storage facility. This helps to keep these bins free from cluttering up closets, garage space, or other valuable room.

Hopefully by following these simple clean-up tips for your Christmas decor, you will find the entire process simpler and less overwhelming this year. More importantly, however, following these tips will make sure that next year, putting your decorations back out will be easier than ever, and you will not find any unfortunate surprises of broken or missing items.


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