Factors to Consider when Selecting a Self Storage Facility in Vancouver Part 2

September 14th, 2017 in Storage, Local

Last month I told you about 4 factors you should consider when choosing a self-storage facility in Vancouver: Security, Locker Size, Price, and Accessibility. This month Storguard has a few more factors to consider before making that choice.


If you live in Vancouver and find an excellent self-storage facility in Burnaby, are you willing to make that drive? Determine how often you want to get into your storage unit and think about the travel time and distance that will require. Also consider the roads and highways around the facility. Is it easy to get there by car or will you have to fight your way through busy traffic?

CleanlinessA row of storage lockers

No one expects a self-storage facility to be spotless, but you want to make sure that it’s clean and free of vermin. Is there garbage strewn all over the property or is it well-maintained? Does the facility have a strict no food rule that will keep birds, insects, and animals out of the lockers? Take a walk through the buildings before you choose a locker and talk to the building managers.

Building upkeep

Not only should the facility be clean, the buildings should be well-maintained and in good shape. If you see holes or cracks in the walls, that might mean some pests have entered the units. If the doors aren’t locking properly, your prized possessions might not be as safe as they should be.

Good customer service

If you’re paying for a storage unit, you should be getting good customer service as well. The staff should be friendly and professional, ready to answer your questions and help you. The rental agreement should be clear and easy to understand. The facility should value your business and help you as much as they can.

Hopefully, after reading over these two blog posts, you have a clearer idea of what to look for when choosing a self-storage facility. Make sure you’ve checked over all of these factors before you sign a contract and start moving your things in.


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