Eco-Friendly Storage Solutions: Tips for Sustainable Storing

January 24th, 2024 in Tips and How-to's


Every year, we add to our possessions.

As homeowners, we add new hobbies, new family members, new jobs, new tech, new tools, etc. As business owners we add new inventory, new vehicles, new displays, new marketing material, etc. 

Storing all of these items takes an increasing amount of resources in the forms of bigger houses and sheds as well as larger stores and warehouses. These generate increases in materials, heating, maintenance, and repairs, for example, as well as transportation costs to and from warehouses.

Growth is good! But expending more resources than necessary is not. So why not choose an eco-friendly option: storage units.

Storage Units save resources

  • Use storage lockers instead of building bigger buildings
  • Storage lockers act as near-by convenient warehousing for goods

Storage units provide exactly as much extra space as you require. Plus they grow–or shrink–as you  need. No wasted space, ever. They’re close by as well. No need to risk adding a long commute if the new house you bought ends up being farther away from work or amenities. No need to store extra inventory in that warehouse across town either. Save on gas, car/truck wear and tear, and air pollution–your carbon footprint. 

Moving possessions you don’t immediately need into storage lockers ‘practically right around the corner’ saves resources. 

Tips for sustainable storing

  • Ensure storage containers are reusable, recyclable or recycled materials
  • Pack possession properly: clean, dry, in good condition
  • Use humidity-controlled storage units to prevent irreparable damage

How you store your possessions is also important. Choose reusable containers, recyclable containers, and recycled containers to cut down on waste. Also ensure your items are packed properly in a humidity-controlled locker. Clean, dry, optimally packaged items resist damage better so are less likely to need a trip to the landfill.

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