Downsizing: Using Storage Units to Ease the Transition

February 23rd, 2024 in Storage


Downsizing. It could be retirees wanting something smaller. It could be homeowners struggling in today's economy. It could be adult children needing to move back home until they can get back on their feet.

It’s not an easy transition in any of these scenarios. It can even be traumatising to have to give away or sell off a significant number of your possessions. What if they have sentimental value? What if they become more relevant again when things improve? 

We have a solution that will help alleviate some of the stress that comes with downsizing to make it easier: Storage units.

There’s no need to give away or sell your things right away. Simply move them into custom-sized storage lockers where they’ll be protected and safe for as long as you need.

Furniture, art, antiques, vehicles, inheritance items, nostalgic items, sports equipment, collections, baby clothes, kids’ toys, you name it. Hang on to as many meaningful and useful items as you like. Storage units are your closet-, attic-, or garage-away-from-home that you can dig into whenever you want to; add items or take away items anytime the need arises.

Not only are you able to keep hold of your possessions for as long as you like, storage lockers make moving day easier and faster too. Take your time to decide what to put into storage beforehand. So when moving day actually arrives you’ll only be moving the essentials to set up your next accommodations.

This solution works for businesses too. Don’t take a loss on extra stock, equipment or accessories when you need to downsize your business. Store them instead while you take time to figure things out. Storage lockers provide quick, easy access to excess inventory so you can deal with it in a more convenient and financially advantageous time frame. 

Downsizing can be difficult but storage lockers give us ample time and space to adjust, easing the transition as we settle into new surroundings.

Storguard Public Self Storage has 5 locations in Vancouver to serve you. Storage units are available on a month to month basis with no access fees or limitations. Each indoor mini storage locker is self-contained with solid walls and doors that are brightly lit and clean. Come check us out and rent the storage unit of your choice!


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