Does my home insurance cover my storage locker?

September 25th, 2018 in Storage

One of the first things any new homeowner purchases is insurance. In fact, many mortgage companies and banks require home insurance before they will approve the loan. No matter whether you’re in a home, townhouse, or condo, whether you own or rent, and whether you have really expensive things or you’re living cheaply, insurance is something that brings peace of mind and takes care of you if something bad happens.

When renting a storage locker, people always ask whether they have insurance at the location. Any self storage facility will have all kinds of insurance, but that only covers the building and equipment, not what’s within the units. This is when people start to wonder whether their home insurance covers what’s in the locker.

The simple answer is no.

Storage lockersAfter taking a look at many different home insurance policies, we found absolutely no coverage for anything in long term storage. There are some policies that will protect items in short term storage (between 30 and 90 days) but nothing for long term storage. This coverage is protecting your things during a delayed move, but not if you’ve downsized and want to store things away for a while.

Instead, some insurance companies offer a self storage policy that you may be interested in checking out. These are stand alone insurance policies that usually offer replacement coverage for anything stored in a reputable storage facility.

Reputable becomes a very important word in this policy. Insurance companies will be looking for self storage facilities that offer the highest levels of security and protection. This is where Storguard excels.

All Storguard buildings that have Shine Auto Wash facilities on the same site have security guards present 24 hours a day. We also have face-to-face check in so our staff know who’s using the units. Come and see one of our 4 amazing locations and we’ll show you just how safe we are.


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