Do I need to move to a bigger storage unit?

October 14th, 2022 in Storage


Storage units offer the ultimate in practicality and convenience when it comes to dealing with your possessions.

While freeing up room in your house or apartment for you and your family to live more comfortably you may notice your storage unit itself becoming a bit cramped. You might be tempted to keep cramming more stuff in there. But then you’d be creating the same problem in your storage unit that you’ve been trying to avoid at home, making it harder to access the things you need when you need them.

There are a couple of solutions to this. You could simply buy another storage unit and start filling it with the spillover. Or, you could upgrade to a larger storage unit.

The benefits of upgrading to a larger storage unit are pretty nice. You save money by moving to a larger unit instead of getting an additional locker you only partly fill. All of your things are still in one place. This makes it super convenient to grab everything you need from different categories that you would be using at the same time, such as seasonal clothing, sporting equipment, and decorations. Plus, you do not want to have to pull everything out of your unit to access what you need only to have to put everything back in again. That wastes time and frazzles nerves. A larger locker gives you enough room to organize and access things, which saves you time and headaches!

So, if you’re finding yourself in a position where your storage unit is getting a bit cramped, or, if you have multiple lockers that aren’t being fully utilized, it just may be worth it–for your finances and your peace-of-mind–to move to a bigger storage unit. 

Storguard has multiple safe, secure storage unit sizes available to accommodate your needs, starting at 4’x7’ to over 10’x10’.  We can help you determine the best size for your needs. Contact us at your closest, convenient location.


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