Do I need to disinfect my storage locker, or the stuff I bring back home?

July 22nd, 2020 in Storage

07-storage.jpegStorage lockers are great for keeping your possessions safe. Not only do they protect your items from the elements, temperature-controlled units will also protect them from excessive heat, cold and humidity. Ideally, many of your items will be stored in bins, boxes and bags that further safeguard them from harm. Performing a locker clean-up once or twice a year will help to ensure that no infestation has occurred.

Regular locker check-ups will allow you to dust off your items and take stock of what you have stored.  You can also check for evidence of an infestation. Tiny holes in your textiles might mean there are clothes moths. Chew marks indicate a problem involving rodents like mice or rats. Excess moisture may have led to a fungi outbreak. These should all be disinfected before being put back into storage.

There are many disinfectants on the market. Choose from the ones that deal with the specific issue you’re facing and follow the instructions on the package. For safety, wear gloves, a mask and goggles, and don’t mix products. 

You shouldn't need to disinfect your unit often, but if you find evidence of insects, rodents or fungi, give your locker thorough cleaning and check back in a few weeks to see that it has been effectively contained. If no infestations have occurred, there’s no need to disinfect items you bring home. If you do find something, it should be dealt with before you bring it home.

Regarding covid-19 precautions, research has shown  the virus lasts only 24 hours on cardboard and up to 3 days on glass, steel and plastic. Disinfectants or a diluted bleach solution will kill the virus.


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