Do heated storage units really make a difference?

December 18th, 2020 in Storage


People are spending more time at home now than ever, working from an impromptu home office or socializing in small family bubbles. This new dynamic has left many feeling the pinch of too little space. Gathering up unnecessary items and moving them to self storage is a convenient way to free up an area and give everyone more breathing room. But which items require heated self storage? Do heated storage units really make a difference?

The short answer is yes, heated storage units absolutely make a difference. Certain materials are very vulnerable to temperature fluctuations and the condensation it generates. We probably all have some experience having left an item containing wood or fabric outside in a shed for a period, only to find it later covered with mould or mildew.

Regular storage units are great places to store items like gardening equipment, lawn mowers, outdoor furniture, some sports equipment, tools, and dishes. Most other items require the constant temperature control afforded by heated self storage.

 Heated storage units are a must for the following:

  • Books, artwork, files, photos, Vinyl records, Comic books and collectible cards
  • Fabric items like clothing, blankets, plush toys, mattresses
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Wood and leather, furs
  • Antiques, family heirlooms
  • Musical instruments
  • Appliances
  • All electronics, CDs, cassettes, speakers, computers, cameras
  • Antique vehicles
  • important documents
  • Medical supplies

If you’re unsure of how long you’ll be putting items into self storage, it’s better to err on the side of caution and rent a heated unit. Then you won’t have to worry about time or moving your items again if you need to store them longer.


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