Decluttering and Organizing A Storage Unit

September 30th, 2018 in Storage

Storage units can be a very useful asset, which is why about 1 in every 11 Americans rent or own a storage unit. They also can be a really big pain when it comes to cleaning them out or organizing them. Storage Unit.jpgAfter years and years of storing things, your storage unit almost becomes your excuse to keep random items around. That is why it is so important to always go through your storage unit at least once every year to keep it clean and organized. Here is a quick list of things you can do to declutter and organize your unit!

Empty It Out

One of the first things you should do when decluttering your storage unit is to remove everything inside. Make sure you have enough space outside of your unit to put everything and that you are not blocking the other units in case this process takes longer than anticipated.

Deep Clean

This is a very important step as you will most likely not be cleaning your unit again for another year or so. Make sure to sweep the floor and walls. Dust and spider webs tend to accumulate in these places so it’s very necessary. Something I like to do as well is wash the floors with a mop or wet cloth to get that extra grime off the floors surface.


Go through everything that was in your storage unit and throw away anything broken, outdated, or unusable. Also, remove anything that doesn’t serve a purpose anymore and throw it away or donate it.



Once you have sorted through everything, start organizing! Determine what kind of system is best for you and put things into categories to make it easier to locate your supplies. Consider purchasing bins and labeling them or even buying standing shelves to make it even easier to organize.


Decluttering and organizing your storage unit can be a daunting task but, after you complete these simple tasks, you will be one step closer to a clean and tidy space!


This post was written by Kenny Pedersen at Garage Guru. Garage Guru helps homeowners in the Vancouver area organize their garage and free up needed space.



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