Choosing a Public Indoor Storage Facility - How much space do you actually need?

July 14th, 2020 in Storage

Anyone who’s ever moved knows this dilemma – how much space do I need for my stuff? One of the stresses of planning a move is figuring out what size moving truck to rent. You look at your home, count how many rooms, and do some math.

Sometimes it’s the same stress when figuring out what kind of indoor storage space you need. You do your research, go check out the place, take a look at a storage locker, and it can be really difficult to transfer the size of your things to this cube.


The first thing you want to do is take a look at the biggest items you want to store. How much space will they take up? Can you take them apart, break them down into smaller pieces, or is it one big piece that can’t be changed? Sometimes furniture is what it is and there’s not much you can do. Other times, a few well-placed Allen keys can save you a ton of space.

Second, remember to think vertically. One big mistake a lot of people make is to ignore the stackability of their items. What I mean by that is how well you can put one box on top of another. In the best case, you’re storing items that are in nice, well-organized boxes that go one on top of the other, heaviest on the bottom. Real life doesn’t always work that way, so plan for some difficulties.

Third, take packing and protection into consideration. You’re not just packing a couch, for example. You’re also packing the sheet wrapped around it. You’re not just packing your valuable toy collection – you’re also boxing them and wrapping them carefully in Styrofoam and paper. All this takes extra space and you want to plan for that.

At Storguard, we have a handy guide to use to help figure out what public storage space you need. For all our locations in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, we have the space you need, regardless of what you’re storing.

What to Store Away When You Downsize Your Residence?


A large home means more room for keeping items of all sorts. One of the big difficulties when deciding to downsize to a smaller living space is what to do with a lifetime of stuff. While there are many items that you may decide to move on from, there are certainly some things that you wish to keep, but might not have room for. Self storage units offer an excellent solution to this dilemma, and here are some common things you may store away when downsizing your residence.

Files and Important Documents

You may have boxes and boxes full of important documents, whether it is tax information from previous years, or data saved from your small business. These documents often take up a lot of space, but can not be discarded yet. Self storage is a great solution for safekeeping these. Just remember to choose a self storage unit that is climate controlled to make sure mildew does not damage any of these.

Collections and Valuable Items

When we say valuable items, we mean valuable to you items such as family heirlooms. Many people love to collect different things, and whether you have a small stamp collection, fine china or even a mask collection, if you are not ready to part with it, storage is a great option. Just remember to keep it safe by choosing a climate controlled storage unit so no humidity will damage your valuables.

Seasonal Items

Another common storage unit item for people who have recently downsized are seasonal items. This includes any decorations that you may have for various holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, or any other event. These items are often kept when downsizing as they will be used to decorate the new place, but are bulky and take up plenty of room. You only need them for portions of the year, so use a storage unit to keep them out of sight for the rest of the time.

When the time to downsize comes, give your items a new home at Storguard Self-Storage.


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