Tips and How-to's

We have learned a trick or two, in our long history of offer storage units that are available on a month to month basis with no access fees or limitations, and generally providing top notch storage services.

With this collection of articles we aim to share some of those unexpected solutions or those useful step-by-step instructions we have accumulated over these years of serving the Greater Vancouver Area, from Downtown Vancouver to Richmond, Coquitlam, Burnaby and New Westminster, and Yaletown.

Keeping track of your stored stuff
September 21st, 2022 in Tips and How-to's
To make the most of storage units, you need to have some way of organizing them. Labels, pictures, categories, apps, arrangement and spreadsheets will do the trick.
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The answer is: it depends on whether you’re using humidity-controlled storage units, how long you’re planning to store things for and your budget.
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Once or twice a year should be enough to keep on top of your storage unit cleaning and ensure all your treasured belongings are in good order.
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