Storguard Public Self Storage offers convenient and affordable storage units across Metro Vancouver. It has no access fees or limitations, making it the perfect solution for those who need temporary space to store their belongings. But specific storage needs are not equal across the board, and some of those needs are motivated by local factors.

The local reality of a city or town will have an impact on the storage needs. In crowded areas, people often need more space because they are storing many things at once. Suburbs also tend to be much larger and offer different amenities than smaller townships do-which reflects itself in how companies operate as well.

Within this category we try to present a sampling of such variations, specifically inasmuch as it concern our area of service, which extends from Downtown Vancouver to Coquitlam.

City staff recommended limiting Vancouver storage units however these facilities are only adapting in direct response to the needs of their urban centre neighbours.
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If you’ve been looking for a convenient, secure location for self-storage in Richmond, we have you covered! Plus, office pods!
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As George Carlin put it, “...stuff is important. You gotta take care of your stuff. You gotta have a place for your stuff... That’s what life is all about, tryin’ to find a place for your stuff!”
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