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November 16th, 2021 in Seasonal

Vintage Christmas decorations

Fetching the Christmas decorations from your storage unit is one sure sign heralding the coming of the holiday season.

Before digging into those boxes though, take the opportunity to do a little locker organization. Pull out the Christmas boxes and tuck your Halloween things away for another year (remember to label the boxes!). Check to see that all is well with the rest of your belongings - no moisture damage, no pest infestation. Move the winter clothing and equipment to the front where it’ll be easy to grab when the weather turns cold in a month or two. 

Unboxing Christmas decorations is an exciting and nostalgic time, as you pull out baubles, tinsel, lights, wreaths and other pieces you haven’t seen for a long time--pieces that perhaps have been in your family for years. Will they help create a beautiful, old-fashioned Christmassy look in your home? Or have they fallen out of style and just look dated or old now?

One way to tell if something is “vintage” is to see if it has developed a patina--a charming pattern of wear or a glow that brings up fond memories. Another way is by the date it was created. Generally, anything over 40-yrs-old could be called vintage. Anything younger might be called retro- or just old.

No matter what category your decorations fall into, all that matters is how you feel about them. Do they make you happy? Keep them! And pack them carefully away and put them back in storage every year. After all, that’s how old things become vintage.


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